Drum Rudiments & Musical Application: Master all 40 Drum Rudiments and Apply them in Musical Context

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Master and Apply the Essential Drum Rudiments

•   Learn to Play Every Essential Rudiment on Drums

•   Master Grooves and Fills based on Drum Rudiments

•   Apply Drum Rudiments to make Real Music

•   Hear Drum Rudiments in Action with Audio Tracks to Download

•   Build Drum Technique and Control

•   Use Drum Rudiments to get Creative and Build your Style


Drum Rudiments and Musical Application

•   Need a Comprehensive Guide to the 40 Essential Drum Rudiments?

•   Need to discover ways to play and apply drum rudiments in real music?

•   Do you want to learn essential grooves and fills based around rudiments for drums?

Drum Rudiments and Musical Application is the comprehensive guide to making drum rudiments musical.


Here’s What You Get:

•   A developmental course beginning with the simplest rudiments that covers everything you want to know

•   A comprehensive, yet simply phrased guide to the usage of rudiments in grooves and fills

•   Audio Downloads that let you hear and feel how rudiments are used on drums.

•   Detailed Sticking Indications and technical tips.


Drum Rudiments are sticking combinations that form the basis of every beat, ride pattern, fill and solo. They are at the very core of everything that can be played on drums.

In 1984, The Percussive Arts Society listed 40 essential drum rudiments that have now transform the foundation of all modern drum technique and tuition. Every one of these rudiments is taught in Drum Rudiments and Musical Application.

As well as mastering each essential rudiment through clear notation and detailed descriptions, you are going to also discover ways to apply each rudiment in a musical context. Every one is used as the basis of both a drum groove and an exciting fill so you’ll immediately bring new rudiments into your own playing and conquer new music.

Each of the 120 notated examples is accompanied by an audio track that you’ll download for free. Hearing the rudiments in action accelerates the learning process and helps you to master each essential sticking combination for a lifetime of drumming success.


Hear It!

This title contains 120 supporting audio examples to make the music come alive. They may be able to be downloaded for free via an exclusive link in the book.

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